Benefits Details For Careers At Energid

  • Work From Home Plan
    Energid Technologies uses a virtual office environment. That means we maintain no physical office space for most employees. Our employees don’t worry about wasting time commuting to work. It also means we don’t require any relocation to come work for us.
  • Flexible Office Schedule
    Full time employees are required to work 40 hours per week. However, employees may flexibly choose the hours in which they work, within some constraints.
  • Paid Time Off
    Energid offers to its full-time employees a generous time off plan that includes paid vacation, holiday and sick time.
  • Health Insurance
    Energid offers to its full-time employees a competitive health insurance plan.
  • Computer Refresh Program
    Energid will supply new computer hardware to all full-time and half-time employees for work-related use. Computer hardware will be refreshed every two-years. Employees may keep existing hardware for personal use.
  • Bonus Plan
    Energid grants bonuses on a yearly basis. This bonus may come in the form of Energid stock, stock options, or a one-time cash payment.
  • 401K Plan
    Energid offers a competitive 401K savings plan.