Robotic Systems Engineer

Job Title:  Robotic Systems Engineer

Job Description:

Robotic Systems Engineer sought by Energid Technologies Corporation, a highly focused and specialized firm that provides engineering products and services for advanced robotic, machine-vision, virtual reality (VR), training, and simulation systems, to lead efforts in GUI development for robotic systems. Integrate customer needs for energy- and manufacturing-related robotics projects. Contribute and lead development of graphical interfaces for engineering systems. Support Actin software improvements, including how it interfaces with robot hardware. Apply engineering expertise to improve this software product (Actin) that forms a key company initiative.

Position located in Burlington, MA.

Multiple positions open.

Requirements include a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related field and three years of work experience in the job offered or related field of robotics engineering.

Must have at least two years experience with C++.


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