Company Overview For Energid Technologies

Energid Technologies develops advanced software and robotic systems for the aerospace, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, defense, and medical industries. Energid’s Actin® software is a powerful control framework and operating system for commercial, industrial, and mission critical robots that is sold as a cross platform application and extensible software toolkit. Energid specializes in the control, simulation, and sensing of complex robotic systems.


Energid’s robotics software has applications in numerous fields, including factory automation, surgical operations, agricultural harvesting and processing, entertainment, and more. Our robotics software is best-in-class, simplifying integration and shredding months or years of development projects.

Machine Vision

Our machine vision technology has been used to meet the needs of commercial, NASA, and DoD customers. We provide 3D object recognition and 3D tracking, 2D inspection, and other machine vision tasks.


High fidelity simulation is useful for anything from medical device development to robot workspace analysis; from the assembly line to the battlefield to surgery, Energid provides the most realistic electronic simulation available today. Our simulations are not only grounded in science, but are also beautiful to behold. Our powerful visualization tools will help you gain insights into your designs, demonstration to customers and colleagues.

Energid is an employee-owned Florida corporation headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We maintain regional U.S. presence in Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Tucson, Arizona; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and New York, New York. Energid has an international office focused on software development in Bangalore, India. Robai, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Energid, markets kinematically redundant robotic hardware that leverages Energid’s software.

Established in 2001, Energid has grown steadily year-by-year to be a leader in high-tech systems development. We have forged a new way to do business in today’s competitive environment. Our corporate model incorporates a flexible, open and respectful workplace; personal accountability; rigorous development processes; and a commitment to excellence and efficiency.