Army Awards Contract To Energid Technologies To Develop End-Effector Mechanism For Medical Intervention

Cambridge, Massachusetts (April 22, 2010) — The US Army through the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC), has awarded Energid Technologies a contract to develop an Actively Compliant Parallel End-Effector Mechanism for Medical Interventions. Active compliance is important in robot assisted medical interventions and is an active topic of research in the field of medical robotics. Robot assisted diagnosis and surgery involve direct contact of medical tools with a patient’s body posing a challenge in terms of accuracy and safety. Energid will develop a compact, lightweight, highly compliant end-effector capable of providing true spatial motion for medical payloads. Energid’s novel approach will yield a parallel end-effector capable of providing both the stiffness and accuracy required for precise surgical tasks and the back-drivability and compliance required for safety.