Contract To Develop A Telerobotic Surgery Codec Awarded To Energid Technologies

Cambridge, Massachusetts (November 8, 2006) — Under contract to the Army, Energid is developing a telesurgery codec for streaming video/images, audio and haptic data with low latency and rapid adaptation to network bandwidth changes. This codec will a) reliably operate over a wide range of bandwidths and network configurations, b) rapidly adapt to abrupt changes in available network bandwidth, c) support haptics teleoperation in a bilateral master-slave teleroboic system, and d) minimize the impact of latency

No codec currently exists that meets all of these needs. Energid will apply Motion JPEG 2000 and H.264 AVC as codec cores and add capabilities to meet telesurgery system requirements. These include low-latency haptic feedback packed into the audio data channels; dynamic adjustment of encoder parameters in response to either network bandwidth changes or human-in-the-loop control from the decoder end; a separate video layer for high-priority adaptive area of interest; and adaptive prioritization and dynamic QoS per data stream.

Energid will design a scalable video codec (SVC) layer that allows temporal, spatial, and quality scaling in response to network bandwidth changes or user-initiated re-prioritization of a video stream.