Navy Contract Awarded To Energid To Develop A Faster And More Efficient Robotic Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner

Cambridge, Massachusetts (May 26, 2009) — Energid has been awarded a Phase I contract by the Navy to develop a robotic fiber optic cleaner that will perform better and faster than current methods. The cleaner will quickly remove contaminants from any number of termini in a MIL-STD-38999 style connector, using a small manipulative device to clean, algorithmically inspect, and reclean if necessary. It will work with both the male and female sides of each terminus, with multimode and single-mode fibers.

Energid will bring multiple key technologies to this project. The first is a cleaning process based on time-proven techniques and designed for automatic application. The second is an innovative robotic design, a mechanical system that will implement the cleaning process robotically. The third is Energid’s powerful control software, Actin. Energid will leverage its Actin software toolkit for controlling the mechanical system and building the human interface. The fourth key technology is Energid’s advanced machine vision software, Selectin. Energid will leverage its Selectin toolkit for inspecting termini to enable repeatable, reliable cleaning performance and provide a secondary benefit of identifying termini with fractures and other defects.

Energid’s proposed system will work rapidly, give better cleaning results, reduce the risk of foreign object damage, and detect needed repairs. It will increase the usability and reliability of Navy aircraft.