Energid Technologies Receives Grant To Develop Lightweight Humanoid Robot Arms

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.Jan. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Energid Technologies Corporation has been awarded a $400,000 grant through the MassVentures START Program, to manufacture lightweight humanoid robotic arms. The funding will support the creation of control software and manufacturing capability.

Software-centric robots have the potential to transform industries. Applications include device testing, parts assembly, packing, and remote inspection. Software breakthroughs allow more to be done with lighter and cheaper robotic hardware, which opens new markets. Energid has developed software focused on this next generation of robot applications and is applying it to humanoid robotic hardware through its Robai subsidiary. This has enabled a low-cost, collaborative robotic product that is selling into new and changing high-growth markets.

The product is the Robai Cyton line of arms. These robots have seven degrees of freedom (axes), like the human arm and can lift up to three pounds. Small and weighing less than five pounds, they are safe to operate around people and can be applied in many environments where off-the-shelf traditional industrial robots are too large, expensive, and limited in versatility.

“The Cyton robots are like human arms,” said Ranjan Mishra, Principal Engineer for the Cyton Gamma. “They have a large workspace and many axes of motion. The extra axes allow the arms to reach around obstacles and reconfigure for strength or accuracy.”

START is a $6 million initiative funded by the Patrick Administration and administered by MassVentures to help growing Massachusetts-based companies commercialize technologies developed under Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contracts. In total, MassVentures has awarded $6,000,000 of START funds to 27 technology companies.

“The START Stage III grant that Energid received is highly competitive and selective,” said Nick Pappas, Vice President of MassVentures. “Energid is one of only three companies to receive a Stage III award, and we’re excited to have them among the winners. They have the right team in place to scale and launch the next generation of robots that is poised to transform the industry.”

“We are proud and grateful to have been selected for the MassVentures’ START award,” said Neil Tardella, CEO at Energid. “Sales of the Robai Cyton arms are expected to more than double in 2015. The START funds provide us the opportunity to increase production and lower costs of a revolutionary new technology.”

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Energid Technologies develops software and robotic systems for the aerospace, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, defense, and medical industries. Energid’s Actin® and Selectin™ products provide advanced technology in the form of extensible software toolkits. Energid specializes in the sensing, control, and simulation of complex systems.

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