Energid Technologies Selected For A NASA Contract On Lunar Excavator Validation

Cambridge, Massachusetts (November 24,2008) — Energid Technologies was selected by NASA for a contract to develop software for lunar excavator designs. Energid will combine the best of 1) automatic control system generation, 2) rapid validation of complex mechanism designs, and 3) detailed simulation models of the lunar environment to create a system of high value to NASA. Energid has previously developed unique algorithms for controlling and simulating complex robotic mechanisms automatically from just a CAD description. These algorithms will be leveraged to create a system to quickly test excavation systems by generating control algorithms for use in studies. Energid has also developed high-fidelity real-time physics-based simulation algorithms that include models of internal forces and the forces produced when a mechanism interacts with the outside world. This existing capability will be combined with new regolith simulation methods and a unique control and study architecture to make a powerful tool with the potential to transform the way NASA verifies and compares excavator designs.