Actin Software By Energid Shown At ASIS 2012 Conference

See Robai’s Cyton arm, controlled by Energid’s Actin software, performing automated surface swabbing and feeding samples into DetectAChem’s Seeker analyzer.

The Seeker provides rapid residue analysis for detection of explosives, hazardous chemicals, and drug residue.

Robotic surface swabbing and sampling, (Video) performed by Robai’s Cyton arm, enables safe human standoff during hazmat and explosives detection operations.

Energid’s Actin control software enables two modes for remote robot operation for residue detection. Automated sampling provides automated actions for manipulating the samples and swabbing a surface.

Assisted tele-op mode gives the operator full live control of the robot while ensuring collision avoidance and greatly easing the ability to sweep across a target surface.

Stop by the DetectAChem booth at the 2012 ASIS Conference in Philadelphia, September 10-13 to see the robot in action.