Energid's Surgical Robotic Systems

Energid works with large and small companies to help them realize their vision for medical robotics. We’ve worked on everything from complex, bi-handed systems requiring precise control, to flexible, handheld snakelike robots that are guided by advanced machine vision. If you have a medical system you’d like to bring to market Contact us today.

Robotic Intubation

For the US Army, Energid developed a handheld robotic system for endotracheal intubation. Intubation is a high skill, error prone task that if not performed immediately and properly could cost someone their life. The handheld device uses Selectin machine vision and Actin control to automatically guide an endotracheal tube (ET) into the patient’s airway in a fast, safe, manner.

Robotic HIFU

HIFU energy can be precisely targeted to cure some cancers, cauterize tumors, and stop bleeding. The concept of non-invasive hemorrhage control is particularly significant in combat scenarios where immediate access to surgery is limited. Energid, in coordination with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, developed a robotic tele-operated (where the surgeon is controlling the arm from a remote location) robotic system for HIFU-based hemorrhage control. The robot allows doctors to remotely provide diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound.

Medical Robots with Actin Inside

Energid has worked with several companies to develop control solutions and simulations for complex medical robotic systems. Actin provides advanced features very well suited to robotic surgery, including real-time collision avoidance, virtual RCM control, flexible end effector control, coordinated multi-tool control, workspace optimization, tele-operation support, high fidelity simulation, and more.