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Energid's Actin software toolkit lets you simulate and control any robotic system.

Actin coordinates motion of the joints and base for one or more robots. A developer just gives desired tool motion through a simple language, and Actin produces real-time algorithms for setting motor positions and rates. Actin works with almost any joint type or tool type and with an unlimited number of degrees of freedom and branching connections.

The motion you get is miraculous smooth, fluid movement that avoids collisions and joint limits, optimizes strength, and does the work that is needed.

Actin also provides powerful simulation using either automatic built-in control or your own control.Actin can import models from CAD formats and includes a plug-in for SolidWorks. Physics properties can be captured from CAD models or set separately and used for high-fidelity physics-based analysis. Through rich modeling and analysis techniques, Actin saves designers time and effort by finding and resolving problems at the earliest stages. Actin can also assess the applicability of a robot to a new problem or environment.

To use Actin, you can compile the provided libraries with your source code, use Actin executables directly, or interface to executables through network communications. It's all easy. And Energid engineers are standing by to support you, if needed.

Actin Viewer Robot

Actin is based on patented software developed for NASA.

For the latest robotic control and simulation technology, explore Energid's Actin. Download our brochures. And to find out more, please send us an e-mail at actin-f9@energid.com, call us at 1.617.401.7090, or contact us online. We will respond right away and respect the sanctity of your contact information.