• actin-overview

    Actin Overview

    An overview of Actin–Energid’s robot control and simulation software.

  • Selectin Vision

    Selectin Overview

    An overview of Selectin–Energid’s real-time 3D object recognition and tracking software.

  • collision-avoidance

    Collision Avoidance with Actin

    This movie shows how Actin can be used for complex, real-time path planning–allowing robots to avoid collisions in a fixed or dynamic environment.

  • Robot Design Validation with Actin

    Design Validation with Actin

    This movie shows how Actin can be used to validate robot designs. Using a simple plugin for SolidWorks, developers can test new designs in a high fidelity dynamic simulation.

  • Self collision avoidance -- 12-link manipulator

    Self-Collision Avoidance with a 12-Link Manipulator

    This movie shows a 12-link manipulator avoiding self-collision. Once the physical description of a robot is defined, with Actin, avoiding collisions is as simple as specifying that desire with a few lines of XML.

  • Self collision avoidance with Robonaut

    Self-Collision Avoidance with Robonaut

    This movie shows Robonaut avoiding self-collision. To avoid self-collision with the right hand, first the left hand moves, then the torso moves. Kinematic redundancy is exploited to avoid collision when either the end effector or the avoidance region is moved.

  • Dynamic simulation

    Dynamic Simulation

    This movie shows dynamic simulation. Collision dynamics, with both static and kinetic friction, is modeled.

  • force control with Robonaut

    Force Control with Dynamic Simulation

    This movie shows Robonaut exerting a constant force on the pendulum. Force, as visible through the angle that the pendulum makes with vertical, stabilizes on the desired value.

  • robot-tipping-prevention

    Mobile Robot Tipping Prevention

    Actin provides tools for automatic balance in mobile platforms. This movie shows the Black-I Landshark platform with tipping control that keeps the center of mass as close as possible over the center of support from the wheels. When the desired end-effector placement does not allow platform balance, the arm is automatically stopped.

  • robot-game-controller

    Precise Realtime Control of a PA-10 Robot Using a Game Controller

    Actin is used for accurate realtime gripper control of a seven axis Mitsubishi PA-10 manipulator. With Actin it’s possible to control any type of robotic mechanism in realtime, irrespective of kinematics.