The Expert Team At Energid Offers Expertise In A Variety Of Robotic Frameworks

RDS_RigWithArmAs you’re developing and customizing your own robotic system, you want the best team possible to take you from concept design to final testing and integration. Call on Energid. Our expert team will guide your vision to market faster, smarter and more cost-effectively.

Energid experts will help you with

  • Workspace analysis
  • Simulation analysis
  • Interface design
  • Input integration
  • Hardware integration

Workspace analysis

Hidden design flaws can haunt a project, putting it over cost and over deadline. To tackle this problem, your team first needs to understand the “kinematic workspace.” Energid’s suite of tools optimizes your robots’ reachability, physical extents and degrees of freedom. Our comprehensive reports and solutions will enable you to make the most of your robots’ workspace and your budget.

Simulation analysis

Understanding the workspace is just the first step, though. Next comes detailed design elements like gearing, motors, and other material properties in your system. Fortunately, with Energid’s suite of Actin® simulation software, you can interactively tweak your robots’ payload, speed and other variables – solving what would otherwise be expensive real-world problems quickly in a virtual environment.

Interface design

We will tailor the user interface for your robot with our Actin® plugins. We can rebrand it too with your company’s name and logo.

Input integration

Actin® also works with nearly any robotics input device, whether in-house or third-party. No matter the input, Energid will work with your team to make sure Actin® runs smoothly across your whole robotics system.

Hardware integration

Humanoid, walking, armed, legged, snake-like, wheeled, underwater, serial-chain, bifurcating: Whatever the robot, if you want the best controlling software and the best team optimizing that software for your robot, call on Energid.