Simulation From Energid Offers Powerful Solutions

Energid engineers can take months or even years off your time to market using one powerful tool in our Actin™ toolkit:

Suspension TestSimulating and optimizing a robot design before implementing it, in other words, translates to your time and money saved.

Requirement analysis

In your project’s early stages, Energid can run kinematic and workspace analysis that enable your team to fully understand and parametrize the workspace. Your team, working with Energid engineers, will be exploring parameters like link lengths, degrees of freedom, joint travel, and overall reach. And our industry-leading Actin software will do the heavy lifting for you, running its suite of Monte Carlo and parametric simulations. As your robotics simulation experts, we’ll ensure you’ve scrutinized the length and breadth of the designs on your drawing board.

Detailed design

Actin simulation helps at the next stage too. Your team will then encounter key detailed design elements like motor torques, gear ratios, and expected backlash in virtual space – where refining and perfecting costs nothing.


As a simulation tool, Actin is both strong and fetching. Our high-fidelity rendering gives you all the gorgeous movies and stills you’ll need to show management and prospective customers. And unlike competitors’ artistic renderings, video from an Actin simulation shows the actual robot design in action with engineering-level accuracy. Complex manipulations and representative use-cases will appear true-to-form.


Such fidelity to the full design details helps your personnel training too. We’ve trained users to run rovers on the Moon and Mars and drilling rigs on the ocean floor. Whether your robots’ workspace is a factory floor, a power plant, or a citrus grove, Energid engineers will enable your team to maximize safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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