With Actin®, Users Are Free To Focus On What They Need Their Universal Robots Arm To Do, Not On How It Does It

With Actin®, users are free to focus on what they need their Universal Robots arm to do, not on how it does it.

One important benefit Actin® provides is detailed workspace simulation. This allows an end user to easily perform manufacturing cell development, workspace mock-up, and evaluation. The Actin® toolkit enables Universal Robots users to rapidly iterate through work cell designs and evaluate the placement of manufacturing components, tooling, and robots. The user can simulate operations to ensure proper behavior, and are able to completely test an application in simulation before running on hardware. This is an important feature, especially where worker safety is top priority. Actin’s unique approach then allows customers run the hardware from the same interface. With the need for ever shorter iteration cycles to reduce line down time, this ability to more quickly go from simulation to execution is invaluable.

Actin® also offers many powerful features that augment the utility of a Universal Robots solution, including an intuitive high-level graphical programming interface, integration with different external hardware and software components, and the ability to load models from Energid’s online model database.

Coordinated UR-5 Motion

Built for Universal Collaboration

In addition to UR’s built-in safety functions, Actin® can improve safe collaborative applications through:

  • dynamic zone and collision avoidance
  • self collision and singularity avoidance
  • real-time dynamic simulation

Actin® Advantages

  • improved ROI
  • work cell simulation
  • lower integration time and effort
  • coordination with secondary hardware
  • intuitive graphical programming interface
  • real-time control

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