Energid's Actin And Selectin Robotic Software

Three serious problems inspire three seriously great solutions

Robots in the 2010s are transforming businesses and industries throughout our economy. Like the PC and Internet revolutions before them, robotics is changing people’s workplaces, workloads, and work lives. Robotics is already transforming manufacturing, agriculture, inspection, aerospace, prospecting, exploration, healthcare, and entertainment. But how fully and how far it revolutionizes these and other industries is still up to innovators like you. With decades of experience in our industry, we at Energid know that any robotic system your industry needs requires powerful solutions to three big problems:

  • Control.
  • Simulation.
  • Vision.

Robots with “Energid Inside” are robots that tackle these problems smartly, efficiently,and flexibly – producing optimized systems that no competitor today can match.

Control:  Adapt with Actin

Robot makers like to brag about their “adaptive” technology. But this is often just wordplay, assuming the robots inhabit unrealistic, laboratory-like settings. In the real world, such “adaptive” robots can still mean missed deadlines, blown budgets and compromised quality. But Energid is at the forefront of robotics truly worthy of the term adaptive. Its flagship Actin software offers real-time adaptive control – featuring smart collision avoidance and strength optimization, while running on nearly any robotics hardware.

Simulation:  Anticipate with Actin Simulation

When we pick up a coffee cup, our brains run a simulation first. Ceramic mug or papercup? Is it piping hot? Is the lid on tight? Robots need to simulate their movements too. And with our Actin Simulation software, we make easy the hard problem of integrating vision systems, coordinating between multiple robots, performing kinematics and rigid-body dynamics calculations: All in the service of ensuring your system is running in its trimmest and most efficient configuration.

Vision:  See with Selectin

Most robotic systems today — such as robotic arms and wheeled and legged platforms — come with cameras. But a robot with a camera is like a kid with a tennis racket. Acquiring the hardware is easy. Getting to Wimbledon is the hard part. Selectin is a suite of software machine vision tools that Energid’s engineers have developed over years for leading-edge NASA, DARPA and Department of Defense robotics systems. They only settle for the world’s best solutions. Your business can reap the rewards of their selectiveness.