Actin: Proven Software for Cooperative Robotics

Simplify coordinated real-time control of multi robot systems

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Design, Simulate, and Control Your Robotic System with the Actin SDK

Actin is a robotics control and tasking framework built to meet the varied requirements of industrial, commercial, collaborative, and consumer robotic systems. 

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The Actin Software Framework Brings Real-Time Adaptive Simulation and Control to Your Robotic System

Hardware Control

Actin can be used with any type of robot or complex articulated mechanism. In fact, Actin goes a step further and enables cross-vendor coordination.
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General Kinematics and Dynamics Model

Represent any robotic mechanism and joint type.

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Motion Control Framework

Actin's extensible real-time control framework integrates motion constraints and optimizations, resulting in dynamic robot response to changing environments.
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Advanced Path Planning

Reduce the burden of programming waypoints through constrained environments by letting Actin's global path planning navigate from a start to a stop end-effector pose.
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Robust Simulation

Leverage Actin's simulation capabilities to test and validate your robotic systems, saving time and reducing risk.
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Tasking Framework

Through use of motion scripting and graphical programming, Actin's robotic system tasking toolkit simplifies the execution of complex programming tasks. 

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Actin Resources

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White Papers 

A collection of work detailing the algorithms behind Actin's kinematic control, how to leverage high-fidelity simulation to evaluate autonomy, and everything in between.  

The Energid Blog

A resource for developers of advanced robotic systems.
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Video Library 

See Actin in Action! From video tutorials to simulations and hardware demos, we've got you covered.
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Energid Customers

Across industries, companies rely on Actin to create complex robotic systems that solve real problems. See how Actin is used to design, build, and control robots in real-world applications.

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What Can Actin Do For You?

Contact us to schedule a free 60-minute call with one of our lead Robotics Engineers to discuss your current program challenges. During this call, we can provide you with an assessment on whether or not our consulting services and the Actin SDK can provide a time-to-market or technical advantage to your program.

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