Real-Time Adaptive Motion Control & Path Planning Software For Robotic Systems

Free your software team to focus on what you need the robot to do, and let Actin handle the details.

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Introducing the Actin SDK

Actin is a robotics control and tasking framework built to meet the varied requirements of industrial, commercial, collaborative, and consumer robotic systems.

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Energid Updates

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A Significant Update to the Only Real-Time Adaptive Robotic Motion Control and Path Planning Toolkit

The Actin 5 release adds an advanced robot control framework and easy-to-use scripting language, enabling robotic systems developers to efficiently and quickly incorporate dexterous motion.

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Energid Named Top Robotic Company RBR50

Energid Named a 2018 Top Robotics Company

We are excited to announce that Energid has been named to the RBR50 for the third time!

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Actin for Robotic Bin Picking Motion Control

See How Easy Bin Picking Has Become

Developing a successful robotic bin-picking solution is no small feat. Among the many challenges that developers must take on, motion control is one of the most critical. With the Actin SDK, developers have the software tools they need to develop a successful bin-picking solution.

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Who's Using Actin?

Customer Testimonials

han's robot

Compared to other solutions, the ease-of-use and power of the Actin framework is exceptional. By leveraging Actin to build the real-time robot controller, our engineers were able to focus on the Elfin hardware and bring our new robot to market quickly and cost-effectively.

-Guangneng Wang, CEO of Han’s Robot


The six-axis arm allows multiple positions and orientations but just one configuration per pose, However, the seven-axis arm offers many configurations, like a human arm.

- Erik Nieves, Former Tech. Director for Motoman


We chose Actin for its power and versatility, allowing us to achieve our vision of a modular surgical robot and bring it to market quickly.

- Dr. Srivastavay, Founder and CEO, SS Innovations (SSI)

customers - nabors

I never thought it would be possible to create sophisticated multi-robot hand-off procedures using a simple drag-and-drop interface, especially when dealing with the number of axes that we are, but with the Actin software that’s exactly what we’re doing.

-Roald Valen, Control Systems Manager for RDS

customers - ArevaEnergid Partner - Areva

AREVA chose Actin for its advanced control capabilities, its ability to reason about 3D environments, and the fact that it is robot agnostic. At AREVA we use custom robots as well as off-the-shelf systems. We need software that can work with all of these seamlessly.

- Don Bigler, Senior Software Engineer, AREVA

Robot Hardware Support

Actin runs on some of the top robotics systems in the world. From Universal Robot and Motoman, to Kuka and Han's, we've got you covered.

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What Can Actin Do For You?

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Industrial Applications of Actin
Robotic Drilling Systems
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