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The only robotics SDK that gives you real-time adaptive motion control.

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Can Your Robot Do This?

Actin enables advanced real-time adaptive motion control. With Actin, you can coordinate motions between multiple robots, enabling disparate robotic systems to operate as one branching kinematic chain. The result: more human-like motions. 

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schunk video
Actin for Real-Time Coordinated Adaptive Motion Control of a Schunk SVH Gripper and a UR5

Hardware Support

The Actin SDK can be used with any type of robot or complex articulated mechanism. In fact, Actin goes a step further and enables cross-vendor coordination. 

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Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive
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Test & Validate in Simulation

Leverage Actin's simulation capabilities to test and validate your robotic systems, saving time and reducing risk. 

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From Design to Deployment, Actin Has You Covered

The Actin SDK can be used to create real-time controllers for robotic hardware, but that's not all. Actin's system tasking, control and simulation capabilities make up a framework that robotic system development teams can use throughout their development cycle.

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Customer Testimonials 


We chose Actin for its power and versatility, allowing us to achieve our vision of a modular surgical robot and bring it to market quickly.

- Dr. Srivastavay, Founder and CEO, SS Innovations (SSI)

han's robot

Compared to other solutions, the ease-of-use and power of the Actin framework is exceptional. By leveraging Actin to build the real-time robot controller, our engineers were able to focus on the Elfin hardware and bring our new robot to market quickly and cost-effectively.

- Guangneng Wang, CEO of Han’s Robot


The six-axis arm allows multiple positions and orientations but just one configuration per pose, However, the seven-axis arm offers many configurations, like a human arm.

- Erik Nieves, Former Tech. Director for Motoman

customers - nabors

I never thought it would be possible to create sophisticated multi-robot hand-off procedures using a simple drag-and-drop interface, especially when dealing with the number of axes that we are, but with the Actin software that’s exactly what we’re doing.

- Roald Valen, Control Systems Manager for RDS


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