Actin SDK C++

Real-time control software for simulation of cooperative robots 

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Coordinated Control with Actin

Actin specializes in cooperative robots: coordinating motion between multiple robots, enabling disparate robotic systems to operate as one branching kinematic chain. The result: greater reach, improved manipulation, and more human-like motions. 

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schunk video
Actin for Real-Time Coordinated Adaptive Motion Control of a Schunk SVH Gripper and a UR5

Actin Highlights

Motion Control

Actin's extensible real-time control framework integrates motion constraints and optimizations, resulting in dynamic robot response to changing environments.
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Test and Validate in Simulation

Leverage Actin's simulation capabilities to test and validate your robotic systems, saving time and reducing risk.
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Hardware Support

The Actin SDK can be used with any type of robot or complex articulated mechanism. In fact, Actin goes a step further and enables cross-vendor coordination.
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actin workflow

Actin is there, every step of the way

The Actin SDK can be used to create real-time controllers for robotic applications, motion, and hardware. Actin's system tasking, control, and simulation capabilities make up a framework that robotic system development teams can use from design to integration.

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Customer Testimonials

Across industries, companies rely on Actin to create complex robotic systems that solve real problems.

customers - ArevaEnergid Partner - Areva

AREVA chose Actin for its advanced control capabilities, its ability to reason about 3D environments, and the fact that it is robot agnostic. At AREVA we use custom robots as well as off-the-shelf systems. We need software that can work with all of these seamlessly.

- Don Bigler, Senior Software Engineer, AREVA


The six-axis arm allows multiple positions and orientations but just one configuration per pose, However, the seven-axis arm offers many configurations, like a human arm.

- Erik Nieves, Former Tech. Director for Motoman

han's robot

Compared to other solutions, the ease-of-use and power of the Actin framework is exceptional. By leveraging Actin to build the real-time robot controller, our engineers were able to focus on the Elfin hardware and bring our new robot to market quickly and cost-effectively.

- Guangneng Wang, CEO of Han’s Robot

 Partner - Schunk

Combining Energid’s advanced modular control and simulation software with Schunk’s groundbreaking modular robotic arms will empower developers to create complex systems in record time.

- Jesse Hayes, Product Manager, Schunk Automation Components Division.

customers - nabors

I never thought it would be possible to create sophisticated multi-robot hand-off procedures using a simple drag-and-drop interface, especially when dealing with the number of axes that we are, but with the Actin software that’s exactly what we’re doing.

- Roald Valen, Control Systems Manager for RDS


We chose Actin for its power and versatility, allowing us to achieve our vision of a modular surgical robot and bring it to market quickly.

- Dr. Srivastavay, Founder and CEO, SS Innovations (SSI)