Real-Time Adaptive Robot Control & Simulation with the Actin SDK


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From Design to Deployment, Actin Has You Covered

Actin® is general robot control and tasking framework built to meet the rigorous requirements of industrial, commercial, collaborative, and consumer robotic systems. Actin is licensed as a cross-platform C++ software development toolkit (SDK) and is used throughout the development cycle of your robotic system.



Features and Capabilities

With the Actin SDK, roboticists are free to focus on what the robot does and where the end effectors and tools should be, not on how they get there. To this end, Actin supports advanced features not found in other commercial solutions, such as collision avoidance, interactive control, and collaborative robot features for any number of axes. Unlike open source or research solutions, Actin is built to support mission-critical applications and run on embedded systems. Actin enables and simplifies the programming of complex robotic motions used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from autonomous oil exploration, to robotic bin picking, to surgical robotics. In addition to being hardware agnostic, Actin users are not constrained by operating system. An expanded list of key features, including integration and platform details, can be found on the Actin Data Sheet

In addition to all of this, here is a sampling of the robust capabilities Actin brings to the table:

  • Online and offline programming
  • Graphical Robot Tasking (no C++ required, but it’s available through XML scripting interface)
  • Adapt in real-time with sensor feedback
  • Kinematic Simulation
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Constrain Robot Motion for a specific task
  • Local path planning (collision avoidance)
  • Global path planning
  • CAD Integration
  • Motion optimization
  • Many axis control (Kinematically Redundant Mechanisms
  • Control of closed kinematic chains (4 bar linkages, stewart table, hexapods)

What's Included

The Actin SDK includes the following:

  • Actin Core Libraries: C++ libraries and headers, example models, example tasks, example code
  • Actin Viewer: A software application tool used for configuring, tuning, and tasking the model. Can also be used as a testing HMI.  
  • Manipulation Director: A feature of the viewer used for tasking and motion planning
  • EcScript
  • SolidWorks Converter: A SolidWorks plugin used for creating articulated arms and mechanisms, and part relative tool paths


Using Actin in Your Product Development Workflow


System Definition

  • Design your robot in CAD or as a simple kinematics model
  • Import the CAD model and configure the robot's environment
  • Configure the kinematics and dynamics model
Converting SolidWorks Models
Import and Configure
UR5 on Rail Machining Demo
Configure the Models

Test & Validation

  • Tune the control system - select motion constraints and optimizations based on the tasks to perform and the obstacles in the workspace
  • Task the robotic system with Manipulation Director or EcScript
Frame vs. Free Spin in Z
Tune the Control System
Surgical Robotic Assistant
Task the Robotic System


  • Select or build the Actin transfer layer for your hardware components
  • Generate the Actin runtime controller
  • Create or integrate with your own custom HMI
  • Test and deploy
Dynamic Pick and Place
Test and Deploy
RDS Full System Test
Test and Deploy

Additional Product Information

Simulation Capabilities

Actin can be used for simulation of your robotic system during the design and validation stage.

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Control Capabilities

With Actin, you're free to focus on what the robot does and where the hands and tools should be, not on how they get there.

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Hardware Control

Actin runs on robotic systems from many different vendors.

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Video Demos and Tutorials

Everything from demos using all kinds of hardware to video tutorials showing how to use Actin features.

Video Library →
lab pic_1920x1280.png

I never thought it would be possible to create sophisticated multi-robot hand-off procedures using a simple drag-and-drop interface, especially when dealing with the number of axes that we are, but with the Actin software that’s exactly what we’re doing.

-Roald Valen, Control Systems Manager for RDS

The six-axis arm allows multiple positions and orientations but just one configuration per pose, However, the seven-axis arm offers many configurations, like a human arm.

- Erik Nieves, Former Tech. Director for Motoman

Compared to other solutions, the ease-of-use and power of the Actin framework is exceptional. By leveraging Actin to build the real-time robot controller, our engineers were able to focus on the Elfin hardware and bring our new robot to market quickly and cost-effectively.

-Guangneng Wang, CEO of Han’s Robot

We chose Actin for its power and versatility, allowing us to achieve our vision of a modular surgical robot and bring it to market quickly.

- Dr. Srivastavay, Founder and CEO, SS Innovations (SSI)


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