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Robot Development Kit for UR e-Series Robots

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Unlock the Power of Universal Robots with Actin UR

A powerful software development platform 

Actin UR is a powerful software development platform with a preconfigured coprocessor built to enable the full potential of Universal Robots cobot arms in industrial, commercial, and manufacturing applications. Designed specifically for application developers looking for a richer development environment and access to advanced capabilities not available beyond the UR teach pendant, Actin UR provides Energid’s industrial grade best-in-class motion control framework in an easy-to-use and deploy package specifically designed for UR cobots.

Actin UR

Explore how Actin UR can power your project.

6 Key Features & Benefits

Unlock the Potential of your Universal Robots eSeries Robot with Actin UR

Energid-icons_Motion Control-Framework 01-croppedTackle Your Most Challenging Motion Control Problems

Originally developed for NASA, Actin was designed to simplify motion control for some of the world’s most difficult robot tasking problems, and has been doing so for almost twenty years.

Create Applications for Dynamic Environments

From advanced collision detection and avoidance to the ability to adjust tasking on-the-fly, Actin provides dynamic capabilities and control far beyond what’s attainable with just the teach pendant.

Architected for Integration

Actin includes the Robot Control Framework (RCF) and multi-layer, real-time framework that ensure safe, multi-threaded processing on Windows, Linux, and QNX.

Coordinated Control Beyond Six Axes

Adding an external axis such as rail or turntable is supported by Actin UR; this allows for 360 degree reach around parts for inspection or extended reach around a rail.

Energid-icons_Robotics system -tasking framework 01-croppedNatural Tasking

With Natural Tasking, you no longer need to program waypoints. Using dynamic planning and soft constraints, the Actin controller will optimize the motion trajectory avoiding collisions, joint limits and singularities.

Decreased Risk with Simulation and Run Time Control

Actin UR includes a dev environment to simulate, tune, configure, and program the robot tasks, as well as deployment tools that simplify the packaging and testing of delivered applications.

Expanded Features Overview
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Expanded Capabilities


External Axes

Part of Actin UR, the Actin Robot Control Framework (RCF) is a runtime application which is configurable in XML. As an option, you can add an EtherCAT interface to external axes such as robot on rail or robot with turntable positioner. The Actin RCF architecture Transfer Layer handles EtherCAT communications, send motor control commands as part of the kinematic solution and reads back positioning information. Contact us about support for EtherCAT devices in Actin UR.


Collision Avoidance

Actin is constantly computing the optimized path which includes avoidance of static and dynamic objects in the environment. Attachments of end-effector or tool extension will automatically result in avoiding collisions of the attached tool and the environment. Actin supports both primitive collision shapes as well as complex meshes for collision bounding volume definition. In addition, Actin also supports keep-out-zones volumes. Test in simulation and the immediately apply to the live robot environment.


Dynamic Tracking

With integration of 3rd party intelligent vision, Actin can track and react to moving targets and obstacles in the environment. Since Actin motion is based on origin frames, and target frames and toolpaths, these frame locations can change in real time. Actin reacts immediately and adjusts control taking both optimization weights and constraints into account in real time. The result: adaptability to changing environments without the need to recode tasks or reconfigure the environment.



More than just two independent robots, Actin can control multiple robots in coordination of a single activity. Tasks are based on the position of the manipulated objects and the end-effector locations. Workspace sharing, collaborative tasking (hold part, apply tool), and co-lifting are all easy to accomplish with Actin's multi-robot control.

Experience the power of Actin UR first-hand.

Development & Components


How It Works

Actin provides precise kinematic models for all the UR robots. Simulation in Actin Viewer allows the developer to verify the solution before integration with hardware.
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Suitable Applications

Actin UR is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Dynamic Pick-and-Place
  • Bin Picking
  • Machine Tending
  • Inspection
  • Dispensing
  • Welding

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What’s Included

Our proven process, used on industrial and commercial robot projects for years, is now available through an integrated set of components that make up the Actin UR SDK.
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Includes all software pre-installed on an industrial PC, ready to run.

Just connect to your UR Robot controller and go!


Actin UR: Early Access

Actin UR is being released for early access in 2021. Get an exclusive look at how Actin UR will benefit your unique robotics application with a personalized demo.

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