Implementing Custom Link Kinematics in Energid’s Actin SDK

Sophia Dolan, DMC
Sep 3, 2019 8:46:02 AM

Energid’s Actin SDK is a C++ robotic control toolkit that can be used to model and simulate almost any type of manipulator. Users can define a robotic system, specify tasks and constraints, and Actin will determine the necessary joint motions.

One of Actin’s advantages is its compatibility with many different types of robots. One feature I found particularly useful when using the SDK to control a non-traditional robotic device was the ability to define custom link kinematics. While Actin has standard link kinematics (such as prismatic or rotational) implemented, my task required an oval track joint where the robot would travel along an oval-shaped track. Fortunately, the Actin SDK provides a general base class, EcLinkKinematics, that can be used to implement custom link kinematics.

In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to use EcLinkKinematics by implementing a circle track joint class.

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Free Whitepaper: Robot Kinematic Control

Learn the details behind Energid’s kinematic control software, which is part of the Actin SDK.

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Kinematic Control with Actin

Actin provides generic control for kinematically redundant serial and bifurcating manipulators. It uses a patented configurable augmented Jacobian control technique that is implemented within a software framework that allows the easy creation of supervised and traded control systems using C++. Through Extensible Markup Language (XML) configuration, Energid’s system allows the accommodation of even the most complex mechanisms, multiple end-effector constraints, different optimization criteria, and control-system exchange at runtime.

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