Schunk and Energid to Deliver Unprecedented Control of Modular Robotic Arms

Energid Marketing
Jun 8, 2009 7:00:00 AM

In cooperation with Schunk GmbH, Inc., Energid Technologies Corporation has released a version of their advanced control and simulation software, Actin, targeted for Schunk’s modular robotic arms. The software removes the complexity involved in controlling the arms, allowing developers to focus on hand (or gripper) placement rather than joint placement.

Since the software is generic, it can be used to control any configuration that can be created with Schunk modular components. This allows developers to focus only on building the best robot for the job.

“For complex mechanisms, there may be unlimited ways to move a robot’s joints to achieve the desired hand motion”, says James English, CTO of Energid.

Actin takes advantage of this. It gives application developers powerful tools and control strategies that are simple to use. Actin provides many optimized control strategies that can be cascaded to build control systems quickly and easily. Actin supports functions such as joint-limit avoidance, collision avoidance, strength optimization, energy conservation, and singularity avoidance.

“Combining Energid’s advanced modular control and simulation software with Schunk’s groundbreaking modular robotic arms will empower developers to create complex systems in record time”, according Jesse Hayes, product manager for Schunk Automation Components Division.

“For years, roboticists have been limited in what they could create by the complexity of the control software”, says Neil Tardella, COO of Energid.

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