Robotic Oil Drilling

Robotic Drilling Systems (RDS) has built the world’s first fully autonomous robotic oil drilling rig in Stavanger, Norway. The highly advanced rig coordinates control of multiple robots to perform drilling operations. RDS scoured the world to find robotics software that was advanced enough to coordinate over 100 axes of motion in real-time while being robust enough for oil drilling operations. Only one software package was up to the task—Energid’s Actin.

In less than six months, Actin was integrated into the drillfloor robot (a 6-axis electrically actuated robot with over a 3000 Kg payload capacity) and was precisely controlling the tool-tip. Since then, we have integrated Actin into a fully functioning prototype rig, with a robotic pipe-handler, lift, robotic roughneck, drillfloor robot, slips and more. The rig is fully controlled by Actin.

Robotic Welding

Welding stations are assembly line bottlenecks. And although robotic arc welding once looked like a promising solution, on the factory floor robotic arc welding also turns out to be too unpredictable and too dirty for today’s robots and their vision systems.

Laser welding and laser cutting, however, transform manufacturing entirely. Tighter seams and cuts, simpler machinery and minimal soot and spatter mean efficient machine vision and an optimum environment for robotics. Robotic laser welding (RLW) and robotic laser cutting (RLC) are now poised to increase the quality, safety, and efficiency of welding and cutting while reducing cost and time.


But unless RLW and RLC systems have the right software controlling them, such potential will never be realized. Smart robotic vision capabilities and complicated motions are required. Existing robotics control software is often just not up to the challenge.


Actin, adaptive robotic control software, enables real-time weld and cut path adaptation for RLW and RLC. Originally developed for clients like NASA, Areva, Mitsubishi, and the U.S. National Science Foundation, Actin was created to be robust and capable of performing complex operations in real time. But Actin is also intuitively programmable, with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Powerful robotics features in Actin include adaptation to dynamic materials and workspaces, collision avoidance, sensitivity to objects’ speed and orientation, dexterous manipulation, real-time workspace simulation, and real-time accuracy optimization.

Actin includes an intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) with a 3D virtual environment, enabling an operator to:

  • automatically optimize robotic motion for laser head control
  • control robotic joints to avoid self- and environmental collisions
  • adapt preplanned weld or cut paths to account for minuscule base part variations
  • build weld and cut paths offline from CAD model features
  • add safety features to temporarily interrupt the beam when a deviation is present

Nuclear Servicing Robots

The nuclear industry requires a level of quality, robustness, and safety that is rare in terrestrial robotics applications. This is why Energid was chosen by companies like Mitsubishi, AREVA, and CEA to develop robotic software and solutions for nuclear maintenance and support. 

NDE Inspection of Steam Generator Tubing

Industrial Robotics - Nuclear Servicing - 1

Energid developed hardware and software for the next generation of fast, versatile steam generator inspection robots for Mitsubishi. By using Actin for control and Selectin for machine vision, Energid will able to develop an operational prototype in only six months—fromconception to test. Selectin was able to localize the robot’s position on the tubesheet to without 0.5 mm using off-the-shelf cameras. Coordinated with Actin, the robot can traverse a tubesheet at unprecedented speeds.

Industrial Robotics - Nuclear Servicing - 2

Maintenance Robots

AREVA and CEA chose Actin to support applications as varied as peening systems, decommissioning missions, and inspection robotics, due to its advanced control capabilities, its ability to reason about 3D environments, and the fact that it is robot agnostic. Actin’s powerful engine allows AREVA to simulate and control complex mechanisms easily. It enables our engineers to develop creative solutions not before possible, which ultimately leads to better value to our customers.

Automated Robotic Inspection

Industrial Robotics - Automated Robotic Inspection - 1

EAGLE is a 4-DOF integrated robotic machine vision system developed for inspecting large scale IT products. Built with light belt driven rail and a customized camera manipulation module, the system is modular and easily adaptable for cosmetic inspection and LED inspection. Powered by Actin software, the system can rapidly adapt to new test rack configurations, LED layout, and inspection criteria. Operators can run the system interactively from the production floor, or test engineers can remotely control the system. XML configuration enables quick integration with your MES system. Full network capability allows control and monitoring of the system from the plant floor or from other sites

3D model of the EAGLE system, showing the inspection system (in blue frame) adjacent to a test rack of network products (in the gray chamber).


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