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Actin for Robotic Bin Picking

Get the Advanced Motion Control Capabilities You Need to Create Your Automated Bin-Picking Solution with the Actin SDK

Developing a successful robotic bin-picking solution is no small feat. Among the many challenges that developers must take on, motion control is one of the most critical. Bin picking requires the robot to maneuver through a complex environment without collisions, and the motion control capabilities built into the robot are often not up to the task. The Actin SDK contains a set of advanced motion control components that enable developers to address this challenge and bring a reliable bin picking system to market quickly. These core components include:

General Motion Control Framework. Let Actin solve the complex inverse kinematics problem and focus on designing the best robot for the job.

  • Applicable to all types of robots from a few degrees of freedom (planar or SCARA type robots) on up to multi armed robots and mobile manipulators
  • Highly efficient inverse kinematics algorithm allows online dynamic control and forward simulation much faster than real time. 

Collision Detection and Avoidance. Collisions are a common reason for a bin picking system to stop working or fail to empty the bin. Actin provides the tools to check for collisions explicitly or avoid collisions altogether.

  • Obstacles in the work environment can be modeled. The system respects the modeled obstacles when planning the robot motion.
  • Reduces stoppage due to collisions and reduces production loss.

Global Path Planning with Short Programming Time. Reduce the burden of programming waypoints through constrained environments by letting Actin’s Global Path Planning navigate from a start to a stop end-effector pose.

  • Only the start and end poses are required. Paths are automatically determined without intermediate waypoints.
  • Saves programmer time for changeovers.
    Reduces the cost and time of high changeover facilities.

With the Actin SDK, developers have the software tools they need to develop a successful bin-picking solution. Fill out the form to gain access to an exclusive video of Actin being used for bin picking.


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Actin for Robotic Bin Picking