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Energid provides professional engineering and consulting services to help you successfully design, develop and deploy robotic systems with Actin.

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Energid provides robotics consulting services to help you meet the evolving requirements and challenges in building advanced robotic systems and solutions.

Energid’s expert team works with OEMs and solutions providers to help create state-of-the-art robotic systems and software applications in many different industries, including manufacturing, energy, inspection, agriculture, aerospace, subsea, medical, and transportation. Our team can help you decrease your time to market, increase your development team’s productivity, mitigate risk and take your robotic system designs to the next level.

Services Offerings

We offer a variety of professional services packages, tailored to meet the needs of your application, team, and requirements.

Application Development Services: Complete Robotic Solutions for Specific Application

Do you need an expert engineering team with world class software to accelerate and de-risk your next robotics application? We can help.

Energid has over 20 years of experience delivering these types of robotics solutions to customers in North America, Europe and Asia. We can support every phase of the robotic software process, including design, program, and integration of robotics applications.

Energid’s areas of expertise include:

High-DOF (axes) control: Coordinating seven or more axes as part of the kinematic solution. Examples include arm on rail, arm and rotary-tilt table, dual-arm, and humanoid kinematics.

Cooperative Robot System Coordination: Building distributed systems with task coordination and motion control of multiple robots simultaneously.

Machine Tending Applications: Bin picking; Part pick/place.

Industrial Processes: Including welding, dispensing and remote tool applications such as grinding.

Inspection: Sensors mounted on the end-effector with either spot or continuous surface inspection with interfaces to external image processing systems.

Assembly: Coordinating multiple robots in assembly tasks, including the use of force-feedback for admittance control (pin insertion) or impedance control (maintain force pressure contact).

Surgical Robotics: High speed, inverse kinematics and collision avoidance for multiple robotic arms maintaining end effector remote center-point placement.

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Product Development Support: Partnering to Bring Your Commercial Robotic Solutions to Market

Energid engineers can help you reduce risk and reach proof-of-concept (POC) and production-ready solutions faster and at lower cost than using in-house development alone. Energid has an engineering staff of over 40 robotics specialists including software engineers, mechanical engineers, system architects and project managers. Whether you are creating a completely new robotics mechanism or combining COTS robotic manipulators, Energid can apply its production grade software, Actin, to the project to get you to market faster with fewer risks.

Some of our services aimed at assisting teams in the development of their robotic solutions include:

System architecture: Using our Robot Control Framework (RCF) architecture or your own, we can assist you with best practices in integrating Actin SDK for tasking, motion control and hardware integration with robust process control for real-time systems
Simulation for Proof of Concept (POC): The first step in a project is often providing either a simulation or hardware based proof of concept. We have experience in producing both, and in a fast and efficient manner.
Interface control to custom sensors and actuators: Energid has experience with integration of vision systems, force sensors, and additional axes such as rotary tables and linear rails. For custom robotics solutions, we can provide EtherCAT interfaces to Cia402 based servos along with commercial drivers from Acontis.
Kinematic Modeling from CAD: Energid engineers can take your CAD files of mechanical design and produce the kinematic descriptions of manipulators ready for simulation and control
Application and programming assistance: For mixed teams, we have established shared source repositories, project management tools, and continuous integration methods to streamline project development.
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Evaluation Support

Do you have confident and capable robotics engineers, but need some assistance while in the evaluation phase of Actin?

Energid can provide support services both during your evaluation of Actin and after you decide to license the Actin SDK. Our support is staffed by Energid engineers actively involved in application and solution delivery. Support is offered through our on-line ticketing system and one-to-one screen share consultations. In addition, Energid can place application engineers on-site for a period of time to help with development, training, testing and integration.


Duration: The typical duration for this type of services engagement is 1-3 months (10-30 hrs)

Location: Remote via Conferencing

Engagement Description:

Step 1: Define evaluation goals (e.g. Collision avoidance, path plan, IK)
Step 2: On-line Training; SDK install;
Step 3: Weekly review: code samples 1:1 training; coding recommendations
Step 4: Review of evaluation results

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Online Training

The Actin SDK includes access to on-line training covering robotic control concepts, interactive training, and example solutions and reference design. Energid can also provide training at your site or at our training center in Bedford MA. Training can be customized to focus on your specific application.


On-line Training: takes 2-3 half-days

On-site Training: 1.5 days with dedicated training

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Engineering Services

Energid provides quality robotics application-design consulting, engineering and system-integration services to the rapidly growing robotics systems community. These services include Problem Statement to Product Deployment solutions, customer teaming arrangements, onsite engineering services and product modifications.

Customized Development

In addition to these offerings, Energid also offers customized development services. Contact us for more information.

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