Controlling Kinematically Redundant, Bifurcating Manipulators with Actin Software

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Controlling Kinematically Redundant, Bifurcating Manipulators


Through a project with NASA, Johnson Space Center, Energid developed algorithms and software for controlling kinematically redundant, bifurcating manipulators. Our unique specialty is that our control algorithms can be applied to virtually any type of mechanism. From simple three-link mechanisms to complex 50-link robotic devices, control algorithms and manipulators are configurable and network exchangeable through a common interface using Extensible Markup Language (XML).

The control algorithms support multiple cooperating manipulators and exchangeable, flexible end-effectors. The topology of each manipulator is represented using a link tree, where any link can have any number of child links. The kinematics of each link’s joint can be represented using generic table functions. The physical extent of each link is described using a polygon mesh, with each polygon having a unique XML-describable surface property. Actuator properties, including motor inertia and friction, as well as dynamic joint controllers, are part of the system dynamics.


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