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Open New Possibilities with the Actin for UR Integration

When purchasing a laptop for work, the need to get applications for word processing, photo editing, and browsing is a given. Similarly, when you purchase a robot, you need software for complex tasks such as bin picking, inspection, and specialized tasking. For these, you need Actin®.

Actin is a robotics control and simulation software package that brings new capabilities to your UR robot. Actin provides real-time adaptive robot control, simulation, and tasking. It is built to meet the rigorous requirements of industrial, commercial, collaborative, and consumer robotics applications.

With Actin, your UR robot will be able to follow tool paths you define in CAD, while avoiding self-collisions, collisions with the environment, singularities, and joint limits. Need to coordinate multiple robots or add additional axes to the arm to extend the workspace? Actin was built for this. Actin’s real-time collision avoidance, coordinated control of high DOF manipulators, and multi-arm tasking framework will open up new applications for your UR robots

In addition to providing a framework that can be used from POC to commercial deployment, Actin empowers roboticists, freeing them to focus on what the robot does and where the end effectors and tools should be, not on how they get there. It offers these features:

  • Online and offline programming and control
  • Coordinated control of additional external axes
  • Remote TCP support
  • Singularity avoidance
  • IO and sensor support
  • Environment and self collision avoidance
  • Coordinated control of multiple arms
  • Tool paths from CAD
  • Collision-free path planning
  • Work cell simulation

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How Does it Work?

With Actin, you can reduce integration effort while enabling a new set of capabilities for your UR robots. Here is how it works:

1 - Design

Using the Actin Manipulation Director interface, you drag and drop building blocks to create your task script. These building blocks include configurable waypoint sequences, custom tool paths from CAD, IO actions, and sensor feedback just to name a few. New building blocks can be added at any time.

2 - Refine

Test your scripts in simulation and iterate on robot selection and workcell layout. Actin scripts are robot agnostic and motions are relative to objects in the workspace. Need to move the part, try a different arm or add an extra axis? No problem, Actin will dynamically update the motion sequences without requiring you to edit the task script.

3 - Deploy

Once the workspace, part placement, and robot configuration are set, it is time to run with hardware. You have two deployment options:

  1. Online control to unlock full capabilities of Actin
  2. Offline control using URScript generation.

Both options work seamlessly with the UR control box and retain all UR safety features.

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