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Industrial Bin Picking - An Actin Application



Industrial Bin Picking - An Actin Application

Developing a successful robotic bin-picking solution is no small feat. Among the many challenges that developers must take on, motion control is one of the most critical. Bin picking requires the robot to plot a different path through a complex environment on every pick, without collisions, and the motion control capabilities built into the robot are often not up to the task. This is where Actin comes in.
The Actin SDK contains a set of advanced motion control components that enable developers to address this challenge and bring a reliable bin picking system to market quickly. The result is a bin picking application with unparalleled ease of use.
In this demonstration Energid’s Actin SDK for motion control – fully integrated with the UR5 – enables the robot to maneuver through a complex environment, including deep inside of the bin, without collisions and accurately pick a wide variety of parts, all without sacrificing the ease of use you’ve come to expect when using a UR.

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