Robotic Nuclear Inspection and Servicing

Nuclear Servicing Robots

The nuclear industry requires a level of quality, robustness, and safety that is rare in terrestrial robotics applications. This is why Energid's Actin was chosen by companies like Mitsubishi, AREVA, and CEA to develop robotic software and solutions for nuclear maintenance and support. 

NDE Inspection of Steam Generator Tubing

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Energid developed hardware and software for the next generation of fast, versatile steam generator inspection robots for Mitsubishi. By using Actin for control and leveraging Energid Services for machine vision, Energid will able to develop an operational prototype in only six months—from conception to test.  It was able to localize the robot’s position on the tubesheet to without 0.5 mm using off-the-shelf cameras. Coordinated with Actin, the robot can traverse a tubesheet at unprecedented speeds. Learn More →

Maintenance Robots

AREVA and CEA chose Actin to support applications as varied as peening systems, decommissioning missions, and inspection robotics, due to its advanced control capabilities, its ability to reason about 3D environments, and the fact that it is robot agnostic. Actin’s powerful engine allows AREVA to simulate and control complex mechanisms easily. It enables our engineers to develop creative solutions not before possible, which ultimately leads to better value to our customers. Learn More →

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